They came for them

Around 3am this morning the police returned and forcibly removed the Salhiya family from their house in Sheikh Jarrah and demolished the structure. There are reports that the family, including a young child and elderly relatives were beaten before being arrested and taken away. It’s not clear where the family are currently being held and what further horrors they will be made to suffer.

Metal barriers surrounded the site this morning and the situation on the streets was calm. Around 8am however, the street was closed by police and the bulldozer returned to finish its job. What was a family home yesterday has been reduced to a pile of twisted metal and rubble today. The rain lashes down and the dark sky reflects the mood of the community in Sheikh Jarrah and across Palestine this morning.

For the Salahiya family it is too late already, but how many more will have to face this fate? What action will the United Nations and the international community take in the face of such blatant abuses of international law?

2 thoughts on “They came for them

  1. This is such a sad turn of events. Though not un-expected. You ask important questions at the end, but looking at precedents over the years, there may be some noises here and there, but sadly, I suspect not much will happen. Sorry to sound so pessimistic.

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